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General Information

Another one of the series of Middle European Hadron Structure Conferences, with more than 30 years tradition (the first one was organized on November 5-7, 1973 in Slovakia), which are naturally arisen from the widely known Triangle meetings among Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, the HADRON STRUCTURE '07 International Conference will be held on September 3-7, 2007 in the Comenius University Study and Congress Centre in Modra-Harmónia, on the foot of the Little Carpathian massif cca 35 km in the north of Bratislava. The centre has the advantages of being located in a beautiful setting of famous wine region in the neighbourhood of the town Modra with the rich history.

The forthcoming HS '07 Conference is interesting also from the other point of view. It is the considered to be the first of the planned unified Hadron Structure Conferences with St. Petersburg's Hadron Structure and QCD Conferences, organized previously in Repino (2004) and in St. Petersburg (2005). These unified Conferences are assumed to be organized every year, the odd years in Slovakia and the even years in St. Petersburg and its surroundings.